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All You Need To Know About Alcoholics Anonymous

Walking into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for the first time can cause you to feel anxious or scared. That’s common when putting yourself into a brand new situation. Knowing a little bit about what might happen can help ease your anxiety. This way you can feel more comfortable in the situation and less scared.

What Happens At Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings?

There are quite a few things to expect at your first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Be sure to read this if you’re curious to know.

  • Meetings are easy to look up if you go online and search in your area. There should be one close to you to check out.
  • There are open meetings and closed meetings. Open meetings are open to the public so friends and family members of addicts can come to the meeting along with anyone else who is curious. Closed meetings are for recovering alcoholics only and are meant to be a safe and anonymous space to talk.
  • At meetings, you usually get to talk if you’d like and tell your story. Others will also share. Usually, we update about life and our little successes and failures. Sometimes topics are picked for discussion, and we all have a bit to say on that.
  • Sobriety is, of course, our ultimate goal, so we will always be there to provide tips and advice to succeed. That type of support can really help you when you need it most. It can be good to have an outside perspective about what’s going on in your life.

How And Why Alcoholics Anonymous Works

Alcoholics Anonymous works, studies have proven this. Addicts who go to support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous have a better chance for success when it comes to recovery. This is because Alcoholics Anonymous can provide a much-needed support system for those who otherwise might not have one.

Meetings are meant to help people feel that they have support among other things like teaching skills. This includes assisting you to learn coping skills, socializing skills, giving you the chance to find motivation, increase your self-confidence, and much more.

Do You Have To Talk In Front Of A Group

It can be scary to think about talking in front of other people, but we don’t make you do it. There is no pressure to say much, and it is totally fine if you just want to come and listen in. Of course, we welcome you and give you an opportunity to speak, but you don’t have to if you are not ready.