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Cleaning onions

When you join our CSA program, you…

  • Receive weekly shares of freshly har­vested organic vegetables!
  • Save money! We price our shares at 15% off their retail value.
  • Dis­cover the joys of eat­ing fresh and cook­ing with the seasons!

If you love good food, you  will love receiving our  freshly har­vested organic veg­eta­bles burst­ing with fla­vor and nutri­tion for 20 weeks this summer! Grown by the staff and stu­dents of the Organic Farm School, your mem­ber­ship helps sup­port our non­profit edu­ca­tional cen­ter while pro­vid­ing you with top qual­ity veg­eta­bles at an afford­able price.

Amber and some gorgeous spring onions

We focus on pro­vid­ing you a steady and abun­dant sup­ply of the sta­ple veg­eta­bles like let­tuce, car­rots, onions, and toma­toes while offer­ing a rotat­ing sam­pling of spe­cialty crops such as arugula, fen­nel, parsnips and bok choi. Veg­eta­bles offered in the share include those listed above as well as green beans, broc­coli, chard, leeks, cucum­bers, strawberries, sum­mer and win­ter squash, kale, beets, ori­en­tal greens, peas, cau­li­flower, pota­toes, rutaba­gas, spinach, brus­sel sprouts, cab­bage, turnips, basil, cilantro, pars­ley, radishes…and more!


The Basic Share is sized for one to two peo­ple and includes an aver­age of seven types of veg­eta­bles per week.

The Boun­ti­ful Share is sized for three to four peo­ple  and includes an aver­age of eleven types of veg­eta­bles per week.


Our 2015 sea­son starts June 2nd and ends Octo­ber 16th with deliv­er­ies to the fol­low­ing locations:

Tues­days: Oak Har­bor (3:30-4), Coupeville (3:15 – 4), and Greenbank (3:30-4)
Fri­days: Bayview (3:30 – 4) and Green­bank (3:30 – 4)
(for directions and details, click here)

Bumper broccoli harvest!

Bumper broccoli harvest!


2015 Share prices: Basic Share (small) $350, Bountiful Share (large) $550

You can pay us in full right away (it’ll help us this spring!) or in installments (pay a $50 deposit now with 1/2 of the balance paid by June 2nd and the remainder by August 4th… don’t worry, we’ll invoice you.)

Work Trade Option! Sign up for four-hour scheduled work shifts over the season to reduce or pay off your CSA share. Work shifts are on Tuesdays and Fridays, 8am-noon, June through October. Click here for more info.

To sign up, please mail a sign-up form and a check to:
Greenbank Farm CSA, 765 Wonn rd A-201, Greenbank, WA, 98253

or you can do it now via paypal below ($10 fee for Basic/$15 fee for Bountiful):

Share Options

Already signed up? Read our CSA Member Orientation Page.

For more infor­ma­tion, please con­tact us at or 360-222-3171.

Your CSA mem­ber­ship helps sup­port our Organic Farm School… thank you!

Most of the Organic Farm School class of 2014 in their newly finished greenhouse.


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