Our Events And Schedule

Bowling Friday

Do you love greasy food and dim lighting? How about chili fries, soda, and getting the ball in the gutter constantly? Lots of laughter and a good time? That’s what we offer at our Bowling Friday’s. Come get down and dirty and wear someone else’s shoes as we take time to relax without the pressure of other people’s expectations.

It can be hard to go out knowing that alcohol is an accepted part of these adventures. There is no such expectation on Bowling Friday’s. Come enjoy a good time and improve your bowling skills. Hope to see you there.

Painting With A Twist: Puppy Edition

Painting with a twist is a new collective experience for many that usually involves wine or some other form of alcohol. Our twist is puppies! We partner with the local shelter to have puppies running around and helping you in an organized painting experience.

Being around animals is known to make people feel more relaxed and happy. The problem is that pets can be expensive and require time many don’t have. So come get your artistic skills in motion and let these puppies cuddle you and make you feel happy.

Sometimes the joys of painting and puppies should just be explored without any necessary responsibility.

Coffee Shop Book Club

We meet at various coffee shops in surrounding cities to discuss favorite books. We usually vote and pick a book from the best sellers list and then take our time reading and dissecting. This is a great way to hang out with like-minded people and support local businesses.

It’s also a great way to keep your reading habits strong and up to date. Filling up your spare time with activities like this is essential when it comes to your sobriety. Check out one of our book club meetings and see if it is right for you.

Shelter Sundays

We have connections with all the local shelters and rescues. Get ready to spend time helping dogs and cats that need loving families. Even if they don’t have a home yet, they deserve proper love, care, and attention. Just as we do.

That’s why we volunteer to help clean up different areas of local shelters along with exercising their needy animals. There can never be too much to do when it comes to giving back to your community and helping the helpless.