Organic Seed Project

Greenbank Farm’s Organic Seed Project is a multifaceted project to help Western WA organic farmers increase their knowledge of, and involvement with, organic seed and its on-farm production and improvement. Assisted by the Organic Seed Alliance and sponsored by the WSDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program and the Sustainable Path Foundation, the project includes the following elements:

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Seed Equipment Rental

An assortment of seed production and cleaning equipment is available for rent at a nominal fee to regional seed producers.

Workshops and Events

The project sponsors at least three regional workshops annually, taught by the Organic Seed Alliance, as well as a field day at Greenbank Farm to evaluate the variety trials and observe the seed crops.

Seed Growers Discussion Group

Join our online discussion group where members can ask questions, answer questions and share resources and experiences concerning organic seed production.

On-Farm Projects

Each year, the Organic Farm School (OFS) at Greenbank Farm engages in a variety of organic seed projects including variety trials, breeding projects and, of course, seed production!

Farmer Trials

Greenbank Farm is able to offer regional farmers technical and financial support to conduct their own on-farm variety trials. Farmers get to choose the varieties, receive help designing the trial and receive a $300 stipend to compensate their time.

Seed Resources

Browse a collection of some of our favorite online resources to learn more about seed saving, plant breeding and more.