The Damage Of Alcohol To The Brain

ByMichele Washington

The Damage Of Alcohol To The Brain

The brain is a fantastic organ. It controls everything about you from breathing to walking to thinking of talking. Drinking alcohol can change things about the brain immediately, like how it relays information to your body. This means over time alcohol abuse can do some severe damage to your brain and your body.

Drinking heavily for quite a while means your brain function can be noticeably affected. Risks of brain damage are different for every person. It needs to take into account gender, drinking history, and even genetics. But it is still a possibility. It is also possible to fix any damage by getting help and stopping drinking.

The Dangers of Alcohol-Induced Blackouts

If you drink until you blackout that is a sign of drinking way too much. If you blackout while drinking then you don’t remember what happened. This means you can’t recall what you or other people did, it’s just blank space.

If you have a blackout, then you are experiencing amnesia. It means the brain can’t form new memories, so that’s why you have nothing there to remember. It can last for any amount of time.

There are fragmentary blackouts and complete blackouts. Fragmentary blackouts mean you might be able to remember bits and pieces especially if someone else mentions it. But if you have a complete blackout so the amount of prodding of thought can get you to remember what happened while you were so drunk.

Brain Damage Linked To Poor Nutrition

Alcohol is full of empty calories and can curb your appetite. This means you are filling up on alcohol that does nothing for you when it comes to nutrients and then you won’t want to eat anything. This means having a well-balanced diet can be impossible when you drink heavily. This means you can easily become malnourished.

Malnutrition is common for alcoholics to experience. A thiamine deficiency can cause brain damage. Thiamine is also known as Vitamin B1 and can be found in meat, poultry, beans, nuts, and whole grain cereals. These are heavy foods you may not want to consume when you’ve been drinking alcohol.

There are quite a few other vitamin deficiencies that can be caused by heavy drinking and they can lead to brain damage. This is because your body needs these vitamins to function well.

Alcohol’s Effect On The Developing Brain

Brains are still growing and developing well into people’s 20s. This means that teens are risking some severe brain damage if they drink heavily. These problems can lead to problems in school and life.

A study on this discovered that heavy drinking as a teen could cause a 10% decrease in memory and thinking processes. It could also shorten attention spans and comprehension in males and females.

Heavy drinking of alcohol can affect the brain. The brain is a delicate organ that has a lot of responsibilities, and the main appeal of drinking is how it affects the brain. Of course, over time this could lead to damage.

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