The Relation Between Alcoholism and Mental Health 

ByMichele Washington

The Relation Between Alcoholism and Mental Health 

Alcohol has been essential to our society for many years. In fact, it has been important for many centuries. Across the world, people will drink different amounts of alcohol. However, alcohol does affect our mental health. 

Effects on Mental Health

The reason people drink is due to their mental state. Plus, those who have mental health issues will tend to drink more alcohol. The main reason people will drink is to alter their mood and mental state. Alcohol will relieve or alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety. Alcohol is often used for self-medications. Self-medicating with alcohol can lead to problems. If you are using it to deal with depression, to help with sleep, or to reduce anxiety, you are using it to self-medicate. However, drinking can make any existing conditions worse than they were. Using alcohol to cope with mental health issues is not the best idea. 


Bulimia is a serious mental health problem that people will have. Those who are diagnosed will often have been predisposed to the disorder. It is not uncommon for people to have other mental health problems as well as bulimia. Those who suffer will also usually suffer from alcohol abuse. Bulimia and alcoholism go hand in hand. 

Most people believe that bulimia is related to food. However, bulimia is the compulsive or even impulsive behaviors. Generally, it is linked with the relationship of food, however, it can go beyond food. Bringing and purging is often seen in those who binge drink as well. 


People who are diagnosed with schizophrenia have a severe mental disorder. It will affect about one percent of the population. This will impact how a person deals with life. The disorder affects a person’s thought process, responsiveness, emotions, and perceptions of themselves. Those who have this mental illness will often also abuse substances. In fact, schizophrenia and alcoholism are closely linked. Half of all those who are diagnosed with schizophrenia also suffer from alcohol and/or drug abuse. Those who abuse alcohol while being schizophrenic will often have worse symptoms after the alcohol wears off. 

Personality Disorders 

Just like many other mental disorders, alcohol co-occurs with a personality disorderAlcoholism and personality disorders are fairly common. Out of all the people who have been diagnosed with a personality disorder, 78 percent of them will also have a substance use disorder as well. This means that they use a substance and have a mental health issue at the same time. The most commonly abused substance is alcohol. 

Those who use alcohol with personality disorders will not respond to treatment as well as those who are not abusing alcohol. Plus, those who are diagnosed with personality disorders have a harder time staying in treatment for their substance abuse. Plus, these people are known to be at risk for suicidal thoughts and other dangerous or addictive behaviors. These behaviors could include gambling or binge eating. However, for those who stick with their treatment, it can work wonders. 

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